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The Monster & Me: QLD Museum

The Monster & Me: QLD Museum

The Monster & Me: QLD Museum

1| The QLD Museum, South Bank
2| Big and little, going somewhere
3| Lawn sculptures and rain
4| The whale hall, complete with sounds
5| After I lead us in the completely wrong direction
6| “Look mummy, a PLANE”
7| They know how to do a good ceiling in public buildings like this

This week has been a blur of boxes and packing and moving house. But it is done and only three tiny boxes remain unpacked, hurrah!

Yesterday we absolutely HAD to get out, despite the teaming Brisbane rain. A dinosaur exhibition of sorts is on at the QLD museum, and really what two year old doesn’t love a dinosaur, so off we went, along with every other family of young children stuck for what to do on a very wet Saturday.

To our adult eyes the exhibition was borderline lame*, not that it mattered. The boy was happy to be out, and to be able to touch things without reprimand. Did I mention there was also a ‘dig site’ (sand pit)? Yep, you know where we hung out for a good twenty minutes.

How has your week been?

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*This isn’t why there aren’t any photos of said exhibition. Mostly it was because it was too dark. Okay and it was a little bit because a fakey Mc Fakerston dinosaur does not a pretty picture make.


The Monster & Me: Playing in the park

The Monster & Me: Making lemonade at QT

The Monster & Me: Light

The Monster & Me: Surfers Paradise Buildings

The Monster & Me: Sunset

The Monster & Me: Surfers Paradise Building

1|Afternoon fish and chips by the river followed by burning off some of that endless two-year-old energy
2|Making lemonade at QT for a night away to celebrate four years of marriage (!)
3|The nightly battle to get The Monster dressed for bed
4|Evening beach walk and swim on the Gold Coast
5|Capturing a magnificent summer sunset over the city
6|Surfers Paradise buildings circa 1975 (or 2013!)

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More weekly stills.

The Monster & Me | Lisianthus flowers

The Monster & Me | Brisbane photo

The Monster & Me | Toddler Lachie in B & W

The Monster & Me | Picnic dinner

The Monster & Me | Frangipani and hand

The Monster & Me | Toddler Lachie on the swing

The Monster & Me | Fresh produce

1. Lisianthus, More flowers on my table.
2. Walking to our local park for a sundown picnic.
3. Lachie at his day care Christmas party, literally stuffing his face with sugary treats (he was soon redirected toward the fruit and cheese).
4. Summer picnic dinner – salad and smoked salmon.
5. Frangipani’s collected from a footpath.
6. Swing daredevil, happiest when he is borderline terrified.
7. Fresh produce from a newly discovered farmers market which was both good value and fantastic quality – WIN.

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More weekly stills.

The Monster and Me: South Bank Brisbane photo

The Monster and Me | South Bank Brisbane photo

The Monster and Me: Father and son photo

The Monster and Me: Fruit bowl photo

The Monster and Me: toddler jumping castle photo

The Monster & Me | Santa Brisbane Photo

1. Another Saturday morning at South Bank.
2. The closest thing we have to a beach Brisbane.
3. These two, always playing, always laughing.
4. Bananas in need of being made into something delicious and baked.
5. On the hottest day of the year the jumping castle was allowed inside (in the amazingly comfortable 24 Celsius aircon).
6. Visiting the Myer window displays in the city.

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Brisbane Storm November 2012

Brisbane Storm November 2012

Brisbane Storm November 2012

Brisbane Storm November 2012

You know summer is just around the corner when the storms start rolling in. Saturday morning was thick with humidity and just as we finished saying goodbye to friends at the park the skies opened up dropping fat raindrops on our heads as we ran for the car. And so we spent the rest of the weekend at home, storm watching. The night sky lit up like day and in the middle of the day it was as dark as dusk.

Storms can certainly be destructive (as we well know after being flooded in 2011). But they can also be beautiful to watch. The sheer force of nature reminding us just how little control we really have.

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Brisbane Riverfire
Image from here.

Sometime in the last few years I lost my spontaneity. It got misplaced in the ether between a natural desire to plan and a new mothers desperate need for control. It’s meant that too often lately I find myself caught up in the day-to-day of life, unable to deviate from plans, viewing each day as a list of to-do’s.

For all my lack of flexibility I married a man full of last-minute plans. Sometimes this causes arguments. And sometimes it helps me stop ticking off tasks long enough to experience the out-of-the-ordinary.

Last night I had plans other than picnicking by the river watching fireworks. And had I refused to deviate from them, we would have missed the spectacular light of Riverfire. Instead, with Lachlan carried on my back, bag brimming with food, we walked the three kilometres to the banks of the Brisbane river. We watched in awe as the Australian Defence Force helicopters hovered above swirling water, close enough to feel the spray on our faces. We snacked on fruit and sandwiches as super hornets trailed flares through the cloudy night sky. And we waited impatiently for the city to light up with colour. And it did. And it was spectacular. Lachie spent much of the thirty minute display with his head buried in our necks, the noise overwhelming to his sensitive ears. He peeked up just enough times to declare the pink fireworks his favourites and to demand an encore the moment the sky went silent. We walked home in the soft rain, Lachie asleep against my chest in minutes.

And I felt thankful for a night out of the ordinary and for Troy for helping me see it.

Every second Saturday the farmers markets come to New Farm park and the iconic Brisbane Powerhouse. The produce is vibrant and fragrant: freshly picked or hand-made. The people selling their produce are nearly always the ones who have grown it, picked it and packed it. They know their stuff and are passionate about what they do. The experience couldn’t be further from that of shopping at a major supermarket, it’s peaceful, and personal and makes gathering the weekly food an enjoyable experience.

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