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Brisbane Storm November 2012

Brisbane Storm November 2012

Brisbane Storm November 2012

Brisbane Storm November 2012

You know summer is just around the corner when the storms start rolling in. Saturday morning was thick with humidity and just as we finished saying goodbye to friends at the park the skies opened up dropping fat raindrops on our heads as we ran for the car. And so we spent the rest of the weekend at home, storm watching. The night sky lit up like day and in the middle of the day it was as dark as dusk.

Storms can certainly be destructive (as we well know after being flooded in 2011). But they can also be beautiful to watch. The sheer force of nature reminding us just how little control we really have.

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With the long hot days and balmy nights ahead it’s time to treat those feet with a pair of sweet summer sandals. Break out the colourful nailpolish, book that pedicure and pop a pair of these gorgeous shoes on for some instant summer love.

Summer Sandal Shoes

1. Saltwater Sandals Gidget
2. Thelma The Horse
3. Estella Platform Gorman
4. The Original Jerusalem Sandals
5. Calzanor Zomp

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**Favourite Five collections are not sponsored in any way, they are simply things I’ve spotted and hearted and thought you might too.**

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