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There are many aspects of the Monsters temperament and personality that I find challenging, even exasperating at times, never more so than lately. He is loud, persistent, inquisitive, demanding, sensitive, and seems to have boundless energy. Yet I know these same qualities are part of the reason I think he is just the most wonderful child and will, with a little guidance, grow in to a phenomenal adult.

The above photo, to me, just sums up Lachie. Having climbed on to our dining table and being told in no uncertain terms to ‘get down’, he ignores my best serious mumma voice (which I must admit, needs a little work) and instead breaks out his favourite dance moves. Frustrating, yes. Totally loveable, absolutely.

And that, is our life with the Monster. One step away from a breakdown, but laughing all the same.


Have a beautiful sunshine-y weekend!!

Some links from around the traps:

Margarita cupcakes? Yes please.

The Monster absolutely needs one of these capes and masks. The most stylish superhero outfit going.

These DIY plates turn dinnertime in to storytime.

Loving these bright cheery prints from Beneath the Sun



Sometimes as a stay at home mum the weekend can seem like any other day. Nappies still need changing, dinners still need cooking, and little one/s still need oodles of attention. So when a weekend shapes up full of plans it’s almost embarrassingly exciting. Tomorrow the Monster and I are catching up with my gorgeous friend Abby. The plan is to wander the West End farmers markets, have some lunch and then, if the Monster is willing, check out the Gallery of Modern Art. On Sunday Troy and I are off to watch the Brisbane Roar in the A-League Grandfinal. I’m just a teency bit excited.

What are you up to this weekend? Do you adore farmers markets, or is it just me?

P.S. A few of my fave links from around the web this week:

Since the Monster broke my sunglasses I’m coveting these (all of them!).

Polenta, Chips? YUM.

A sweet print for the little ones room.

Keep your toddler busy with this DIY bead tray.

15 Meal ideas for toddlers.

{Image found here (original source unknown)}

It’s been a snotty, sniffly, cranky sort of week here in the monster household. Consequently not much sleeping has happened and I’ve been finding tissues hidden all over the house. We’re all on the mend now (although we might need to allow extra time for the hubby’s case of man flu) and are looking forward to a fun, busy weekend. The monster is having a sleep-over at his ma-ma’s tonight so we’re off for a movie date. I’m thinking The Hunger Games. Have you seen it yet? I’ve heard it’s better if you haven’t read the book so it doesn’t have to live up to your expectations.

Anyway here’s a few sweet little links from around the web:

Ever changed a toddlers nappy? This made me laugh.

A cool kids desk. (via SwissMiss)

Might try decorating some Easter Eggs like this.

Two of the cutest dressed ‘bumps’ you will see here and here.

Have a great weekend. xx

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