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The Monster and Me: Fruit Bowl

The Monster and Me: Painting

The Monster and Me: Candles

The Monster and Me: Bottles and jars

The Monster and Me: Old Camera

I’ve been contemplating a house tour ever since I showed you through The Monsters room way back in the beginning of the year. But the thing is, his room feels quite ‘done’. I add bits and pieces every now and then and things change as he changes but for the most part the room has a consistent look and feel about it that I love, that I’m happy with.

The rest of the house feels like a work in-progress. And the progress is very slow because Troy and I can’t seem to agree on just about any style of furniture, decorating or otherwise. And now, with a two year old and hopefully another little one further down the track, we have to weigh up any new purchase against potential kid-trashing. So nearly all furniture buying adventures see us return home empty handed swearing never to bother again, especially if it involves Ikea on a rainy weekend.

Thankfully our house itself is quite lovely: full of light and white walls, timber floors and high ceilings. So no matter that our home looks far from a Real Living cover-house, it’s a pleasure to live here. And it probably is worth showing you through perhaps, even if it’s far from ‘done’.

Snippets above are:

//Fenn Moroccan Ceramic Bowl Hamimi // Painting by Melinda Harper a wedding gift from my god mother // Bronze tray from a local op-shop // Recycled cosmetic bottles by AESOP // Vintage camera, Troy’s grandmas//

What about you, are you happy with how your home looks or are you in a constant state of development? Can you and your partner agree on furniture or does it cause arguments for you too?


I’m always on the lookout to add to the Monsters art wall. There are so many fabulous artists and illustrators out there. These are five of my recent favourites.

1. I love the vintage feel of this Tiger Poster by Swedish artist and illustrator Ingela P Arrhenius.

2. The perfect quote from my absolute favourite Dr Seuss book, Oh The Places You’ll Go!

3. Have you checked out the Seventy Tree shop? Amazing. Their illustrations just make me smile. I think this print Everyone’s Friend will be finding its way on to the Monsters wall very soon.

4. What a fabulous way to teach your little one the colours of the rainbow with this gorgeous colour chart.

5. Nomuu’s style is beautiful, full of imagined lands and adventures just like this Deer Boy print.

When the monster was still a belly baby and the pregnancy insomnia was at its worst I spent many early mornings trolling through the nursery tours at Apartment Therapy. I loved peeking in to the lives of real people to see how they made a special space for their little one. In planning the room, I wanted to make a space that could grow with Lachie, that wouldn’t need ‘updating’ once he was no longer a chubby newborn. The navy, red, grey and white colours will work through the next few years, at least until the monster starts asserting his preferences over mine.

What I love most about the room is that it’s so full of love; from the paintings we bought in Thailand when first engaged, to the beautiful mobile and quilt my sisters made for the monster when he was born, nearly everything has a story behind it. You’ll find a list of where everything is from at the end of the post. Enjoy peeking into the monsters love-filled space!

Source List:

  • Cot ‘Scout’ by KingParrot
  • Cot sheet by Purebaby
  • Quilt made by my sister Melinda
  • Roy Lichentstein art from Thailand
  • Surfboard signed by Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gillmore a gift from our friend
  • Aeroplane mobile made by my sister Layla
  • Bookcase by Ikea
  • Bunting by Bannana J Creations
  • Small suitcases vintage, Troy’s dads from his schooldays
  • Red and white aeroplane ornament a gift from my mum from Japan
  • Red aeroplane ornament a gift from Layla
  • Red ‘transport’ art framed wrapping paper from Kikki-k
  • Change table by Childcare
  • Chest of drawers by Ikea
  • Rocking chair from opshop (handed down from Troy’s sister) with cushions recovered by Troy’s mum in Ikea fabric
  • Puppy painting from Thailand
  • Bus scroll print by My Sweet Prints
  • Monster print by Wendy June
  • ‘L’ painting by the monster (with some help from his mum)
  • Globe by National Geographic, a gift from my mum
  • Surfer ornaments, Troy’s grandmas from circa 1950’s
  • Bedtime books; Slinky Malinki by Lynley Dodd and Time for Bed by Mem Fox and Jane Dyer (a gift from my Aunty)
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