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Favourite Five Christmas Gift ideas for Mum

1. The Monarchy Necklace – Hard to Find
2. Mexican Otomi Pillow – Urban Road
3. Stackable Jars with Lid – Ferm Living
4. You are my sunshine beach towel and tote bag – Blacklist Studio Prints
5. Moroccan Market Basket – Down That Little Lane

You can find more gift ideas and Favourite Five collections here. Favourite Five collections are not sponsored in any way, they are simply things I have spotted and hearted and thought you might too.


The Monster and Me: Fruit Bowl

The Monster and Me: Painting

The Monster and Me: Candles

The Monster and Me: Bottles and jars

The Monster and Me: Old Camera

I’ve been contemplating a house tour ever since I showed you through The Monsters room way back in the beginning of the year. But the thing is, his room feels quite ‘done’. I add bits and pieces every now and then and things change as he changes but for the most part the room has a consistent look and feel about it that I love, that I’m happy with.

The rest of the house feels like a work in-progress. And the progress is very slow because Troy and I can’t seem to agree on just about any style of furniture, decorating or otherwise. And now, with a two year old and hopefully another little one further down the track, we have to weigh up any new purchase against potential kid-trashing. So nearly all furniture buying adventures see us return home empty handed swearing never to bother again, especially if it involves Ikea on a rainy weekend.

Thankfully our house itself is quite lovely: full of light and white walls, timber floors and high ceilings. So no matter that our home looks far from a Real Living cover-house, it’s a pleasure to live here. And it probably is worth showing you through perhaps, even if it’s far from ‘done’.

Snippets above are:

//Fenn Moroccan Ceramic Bowl Hamimi // Painting by Melinda Harper a wedding gift from my god mother // Bronze tray from a local op-shop // Recycled cosmetic bottles by AESOP // Vintage camera, Troy’s grandmas//

What about you, are you happy with how your home looks or are you in a constant state of development? Can you and your partner agree on furniture or does it cause arguments for you too?

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