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Excluding the council-owned kerbside patch of lawn there is not a single blade of grass on our property. This means minimal garden maintenance but also little opportunity for growing anything much at all. I’m about as far from a green-thunb as they come. Any pot-plant unfortunate enough to be gifted my way has always found it’s life suddenly cut short. But, as my little family has grown so too has my interest in sustainable, local and chemical-free food.

Ideally we would move to the country and become self-sustained. A veggie patch in the backyard. A fruit orchard in the front. And a heap of free-range chooks roaming all over (have I mentioned my love of poached eggs?). Realistically, I’ve been considering small ways to waste less, shop smarter and eat better. I’m starting small. Two terracotta pots and some herbs. Most days Lachlan tugs at my leg, toy water-can in hand, ready to give the “plants gulg, gulg”* So far, they have survived.

I’m hoping we can eventually work up to an apple crate style veggie patch (like this one from The Little Veggie Patch Co) which we could fit on a verandah. I have no idea what veggies will work in the Brisbane climate, how much water they need, or sun, or fertiliser. Evidently I have a lot of reading and learning to do. I’m actually quite excited about it though. And eager to involve Lachie in the whole process.

Do you have a veggie patch, herb garden or whole fruit orchard? Any tips and tricks? Good reads for wannabe green-thumbs?

*Gulg, gulg is Lachie’s word for water, just in case you didn’t figure that one out!

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