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The Monster & Me: Bulimba Park

The Monster & Me: Boy & kitchen

The Monster & Me: Native Flowers

The Monster & Me: Boy

The Monster & Me: Avocado toast

The Monster & Me: paint

The Monster & Me: painting

1| The view from our new abode. It’s no surprise then that the most frequently uttered sentence in our house is “mummy, park!”.
2| Our new kitchen offers half the storage space as the last. It makes for a bit of clutter, but I’m starting to like it.
3| These beautiful flourescent yellow flowers are everywhere at the moment. We pick bunches on our morning walks.
4| This boy and his headstands.
5| Bread, avocado, is there a better simple lunch?
6| Watercolours come out in the afternoon.
7| And we paint!

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The Monster & Me | Lisianthus flowers

The Monster & Me | Brisbane photo

The Monster & Me | Toddler Lachie in B & W

The Monster & Me | Picnic dinner

The Monster & Me | Frangipani and hand

The Monster & Me | Toddler Lachie on the swing

The Monster & Me | Fresh produce

1. Lisianthus, More flowers on my table.
2. Walking to our local park for a sundown picnic.
3. Lachie at his day care Christmas party, literally stuffing his face with sugary treats (he was soon redirected toward the fruit and cheese).
4. Summer picnic dinner – salad and smoked salmon.
5. Frangipani’s collected from a footpath.
6. Swing daredevil, happiest when he is borderline terrified.
7. Fresh produce from a newly discovered farmers market which was both good value and fantastic quality – WIN.

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More weekly stills.

instagram photos collage

From left to right, top to bottom: Our weekly movie date, sans child (Bliss!) || A cheeky black cat ready for halloween || Jacarandas in full bloom at New Farm Park || A well-made bed makes me happy || Delicious banana muffins (recipe by Cherie from Raising Master Max) || Kite flying || Lights at Champ, South Bank || Bougainvillea walk, South Bank || Waiting patiently for us to get up || Can castle building || Natives on the kitchen table || Chickpea salad || A cute face || Cuddles || Meeting my friends beautiful twin girls

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flowers - monster and me blog

Fresh flowers on our kitchen table bring me immeasurable happiness. It’s not an every week occurrence, but on occasion a Saturday morning visit to the Powerhouse farmers markets will result in beautiful blooms. I’m terrible with flower names or in fact knowing anything other than I love the way they look but it doesn’t matter. They are a pop of brightness, a reminder of the little joys in life. And they make me happy.

Are you a flower person? Is your home regularly brightened with blooms or is it more a birthday/ special occasion occurrence?

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