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The Monster & Me: Father & Son
The Monster & Me: Father & Son

“No mummy!” he says, palm outstretched to me in a sign of “do not interrupt”. He implores his dad “keep me safe”, from me that is. They laugh at their in-joke. A joke that doesn’t involve me. I watch from the sidelines, un-offended at my son’s rejection, my husband’s lack of inclusion. They continue with their games: pinching and play boxing, imaginary tigers and toddler acrobatics complete with “look no-hands” supermans and jumping off high things. Sometimes I try to join in. But I’m an obvious imposter into their little world of make-believe and tough guy antics: I squeal too loud when pinched, and don’t understand the rules of how to feed the hungry tiger.

Their relationship is a special one. It is full of fun and antics and teaching and respect. So when Lachlan’s palm goes up to me and I’m smilingly told to “go away”, I don’t mind. In fact it makes me immeasurable happy, this precious bond between my husband and our son.


With each passing month the bond between Lachie and his dad grows ever stronger. It is a special bond, that of father and son. Something to behold. And it makes my heart sing. But this isn’t about me. It’s about a boy and his dad, who he just adores. And if he could tell you the top five reasons he loves him, I think this is what they would be:

1. He lets me ‘fix’. Anything and everything. He teaches me how to use a screwdriver and lets me carry a mallet. We fix things together and it makes me feel important and independent.

2. We play chase. In circles and straight lines. Up hills and down. And when I fall down, he helps me back up.

3. He gives the absolute, very best ‘big hugs’

4. And he doesn’t mind when I poke him in the eye first thing in the morning or pull the hairs on his legs or stand at the bottom of the stairs and call out “hey Troy!” (I got that off mummy)

5. Most importantly, he makes me feel safe. And loved.

Happy Fathers Day daddy, thank you for being the amazing dad that you are. x

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