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Some of my favourite childhood memories are of days spent exploring the dress-up box my mother lovingly filled for my sisters and I. A giant vintage chest brimming with sequined dresses, brightly coloured tulle scarves, 80’s high heels, handbags, hats, trousers and beads. Contained in that box were characters only limited by our wide-open innocent imaginations: from Arabian princesses to flying doctors and chimney sweeps. The dresses may be less-sequined but twenty years later we are still playing dress-ups, our sartorial love story tracing back to those early days.

I’m yet to track down the perfect vintage box but a recent garage sale haul began the start of the Monsters very own dress-up collection. Hats, beads, and handbags. He wanted to wear them ALL, all at once. Sometimes my dear Monster, less is more. On the other hand, sometimes, more is more. So you go, girlfriend Monster!

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