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Weekly Stills: Grass

Weekly Stills: Bulimba Sailing Squadron

Weekly Stills: Toddler threading beads

Weekly Stills: Marimekko cups

Weekly Stills: Toddler Swing

Weekly Stills: Toddler Easter

1| On an early morning walk to the park, this reed caught the soft light so perfectly.
2| Brisbane Sailing Squadron.
3| Working on those fine motor skills.
4| Some Marimekko loveliness, a belated birthday present from my sisters.
5| “Higher” he yells, always, higher.
6| Easter hat boy found an Easter egg!

Hope your week is going well and you’re recovering from the food coma that is Easter. I know these stills and 52 posts have been what’s kept this blog going. I hope to be back very soon with some posts that I can’t wait to share with you.

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More stills.


The Monster & Me: Bulimba Park

The Monster & Me: Boy & kitchen

The Monster & Me: Native Flowers

The Monster & Me: Boy

The Monster & Me: Avocado toast

The Monster & Me: paint

The Monster & Me: painting

1| The view from our new abode. It’s no surprise then that the most frequently uttered sentence in our house is “mummy, park!”.
2| Our new kitchen offers half the storage space as the last. It makes for a bit of clutter, but I’m starting to like it.
3| These beautiful flourescent yellow flowers are everywhere at the moment. We pick bunches on our morning walks.
4| This boy and his headstands.
5| Bread, avocado, is there a better simple lunch?
6| Watercolours come out in the afternoon.
7| And we paint!

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The Monster & Me: QLD Museum

The Monster & Me: QLD Museum

The Monster & Me: QLD Museum

1| The QLD Museum, South Bank
2| Big and little, going somewhere
3| Lawn sculptures and rain
4| The whale hall, complete with sounds
5| After I lead us in the completely wrong direction
6| “Look mummy, a PLANE”
7| They know how to do a good ceiling in public buildings like this

This week has been a blur of boxes and packing and moving house. But it is done and only three tiny boxes remain unpacked, hurrah!

Yesterday we absolutely HAD to get out, despite the teaming Brisbane rain. A dinosaur exhibition of sorts is on at the QLD museum, and really what two year old doesn’t love a dinosaur, so off we went, along with every other family of young children stuck for what to do on a very wet Saturday.

To our adult eyes the exhibition was borderline lame*, not that it mattered. The boy was happy to be out, and to be able to touch things without reprimand. Did I mention there was also a ‘dig site’ (sand pit)? Yep, you know where we hung out for a good twenty minutes.

How has your week been?

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*This isn’t why there aren’t any photos of said exhibition. Mostly it was because it was too dark. Okay and it was a little bit because a fakey Mc Fakerston dinosaur does not a pretty picture make.

The Monster & Me: GOMA silhouette

The Monster & Me: GOMA Paper crown making

The Monster & Me: GOMA installation

The Monster & Me: GOMA installation

The Monster & Me: GOMA installation

The Monster & Me: GOMA silhouette escalator

1| Post paper crown making session, the boy makes a break for it at GOMA.
2| The ‘making of’…
3| In the red room with my beautiful friend and the boy’s best friend for the day, Lauren.
4| The only way out
5| Another great kids installation, trains and tracks and so much awesomeness
6| Escalator riding was as exciting as the art!

Earlier this week my lovely friend Lauren came to visit. To say Lachie was taken with his new friend was a bit of an understatement. He was so enthusiastic in fact he was adamant not to let her sleep past 7am (sorry Loz!). On Tuesday we ventured to Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, an outing I am never disappointed with. It was such a great day, chatting, exploring, creating. Please come visit again soon Lauren. x

The Monster & Me: Playing in the park

The Monster & Me: Making lemonade at QT

The Monster & Me: Light

The Monster & Me: Surfers Paradise Buildings

The Monster & Me: Sunset

The Monster & Me: Surfers Paradise Building

1|Afternoon fish and chips by the river followed by burning off some of that endless two-year-old energy
2|Making lemonade at QT for a night away to celebrate four years of marriage (!)
3|The nightly battle to get The Monster dressed for bed
4|Evening beach walk and swim on the Gold Coast
5|Capturing a magnificent summer sunset over the city
6|Surfers Paradise buildings circa 1975 (or 2013!)

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More weekly stills.

The Monster and Me: Christmas Decorations

I’ve been quiet this week, I know. This time of year can be all-consuming: presents to buy and wrap, friends and family to catch-up with, Christmas celebrations to experience and of course all that food to be cooked and savoured. Life has gotten in the way of blogging about life. And that’s okay.

In some ways I’m surprised I’m still here in this space, writing away, sharing and chatting. As much as this blog is a way to document our life, for us, for posterity, it is you and your comments and stories and experiences, that makes it a place I keep wanting to come back to. So to every one of you who’ve visited and shared your thoughts, stories and experiences, thank you. Really, thank you.

I have so many ideas and dreams for The Monster & Me in 2013 and I’m dying to share them with you. But for now, I’m happy to get swept away in the craziness that is Christmas.

So from our little family to yours, may your have a truly magical Christmas filled with fabulous food and the people you love.

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