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The Monster & Me: GOMA silhouette

The Monster & Me: GOMA Paper crown making

The Monster & Me: GOMA installation

The Monster & Me: GOMA installation

The Monster & Me: GOMA installation

The Monster & Me: GOMA silhouette escalator

1| Post paper crown making session, the boy makes a break for it at GOMA.
2| The ‘making of’…
3| In the red room with my beautiful friend and the boy’s best friend for the day, Lauren.
4| The only way out
5| Another great kids installation, trains and tracks and so much awesomeness
6| Escalator riding was as exciting as the art!

Earlier this week my lovely friend Lauren came to visit. To say Lachie was taken with his new friend was a bit of an understatement. He was so enthusiastic in fact he was adamant not to let her sleep past 7am (sorry Loz!). On Tuesday we ventured to Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, an outing I am never disappointed with. It was such a great day, chatting, exploring, creating. Please come visit again soon Lauren. x


I’m not a particularly crafty mamma. The mess drives me a bit batty and until recently Lachie’s attention span for any crafty-arty project was about a tenth of the time it took to set-up and clean-up. During our Christmas shopping last week I spotted a packet of different sized paper stars and feeling mildly inspired, picked them up.

A few days ago we had a rare afternoon with not much planned so out came the paint box and brushes and we set to work decorating the stars.

The Monster & Me | Christmas Craft Star Garland

I find that if left to his own devices Lachie likes to simply smear every single colour of paint together until it resembles a non-descript shade of brown. So there was some gentle guidance, with only one or two different colours available at any time. Oh and my two year old can’t paint parallel lines, I was getting into the spirit and did some star decorating too.

The Monster & Me | Christmas Craft Star Garland

The next day we collected all our painted stars on the kitchen table.

The Monster & Me | Christmas Craft Star Garland

And with Lachie’s art direction I hole punched and strung the stars on some baking twine (it’s all I had, I told you, I’m not very crafty).

The Monster & Me | Christmas Craft

The star garland was then hung between two conveniently located lights in our living room.

The Monster & Me | Christmas Craft Star Garland

The Monster & Me | Christmas Craft Star Garland

It was such a simple project to add a little colourful, handmade Christmas cheer to our home. Oh and my tip for getting paint of little ones without using chemicals? Exfoliating gloves. With some soap and gentle scrubbing my multi-coloured child was back to his lovely pink self.

Are you the crafty type? Have you been getting into the Christmas crafting spirit? Do share.

I’m always on the lookout to add to the Monsters art wall. There are so many fabulous artists and illustrators out there. These are five of my recent favourites.

1. I love the vintage feel of this Tiger Poster by Swedish artist and illustrator Ingela P Arrhenius.

2. The perfect quote from my absolute favourite Dr Seuss book, Oh The Places You’ll Go!

3. Have you checked out the Seventy Tree shop? Amazing. Their illustrations just make me smile. I think this print Everyone’s Friend will be finding its way on to the Monsters wall very soon.

4. What a fabulous way to teach your little one the colours of the rainbow with this gorgeous colour chart.

5. Nomuu’s style is beautiful, full of imagined lands and adventures just like this Deer Boy print.

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