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18/52 - Lachie

18/52 - Eloise

Lachlan – Static hair, don’t care.
Eloise – This happy face.

19/52 - Eloise

19/52 - Lachlan

Swinging after a family bush walk.

20/52- Lachlan

20/52 - Eloise

Lachlan – My little scientist, post food colour experimenting in the kicthen (kitchen covered in food colour not shown).
Eloise – I’m enjoying these last few weeks where she is relatively stationery.

21/52- Lachlan

21/52 - Eloise


Lachlan – Inspecting the tiny blooms in our backyard.
Eloise – A fistful of grass en-route to her open mouth.

22/52 - Lachlan

22/52 - Eloise

Lachlan – Painting a picture for his Papa in the afternoon light. Can you believe it’s winter?
Eloise – Inspecting the grass again.

23/52 - Lachlan

23/52 - Eloise

Lachlan – The first lime from the tree he planted with his dad.
Eloise – My sweet babe in the soft afternoon light.

24/52 - Lachlan

24/52- Eloise

Lachlan – Dirty knees and cars. A standard visit to the park really.
Eloise – Those eyes.

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15/52- Lachlan

15-52 - Eloise

A photo of my children, once a week, every week in 2014.

Lachlan – Eating, always eating. Any wonder the floor is never clean.
Eloise – We’ve started the weaning process and I’m not at all ready but it seems she is. So she waits patiently for her mashed pumpkin and then proceeds to spread it ALL OVER in that cute but terribly messy way baby’s have.

Linking up with Jodi.
More of the 52 series.

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