24/52 (the catch-up edition)

18/52 - Lachie

18/52 - Eloise

Lachlan – Static hair, don’t care.
Eloise – This happy face.

19/52 - Eloise

19/52 - Lachlan

Swinging after a family bush walk.

20/52- Lachlan

20/52 - Eloise

Lachlan – My little scientist, post food colour experimenting in the kicthen (kitchen covered in food colour not shown).
Eloise – I’m enjoying these last few weeks where she is relatively stationery.

21/52- Lachlan

21/52 - Eloise


Lachlan – Inspecting the tiny blooms in our backyard.
Eloise – A fistful of grass en-route to her open mouth.

22/52 - Lachlan

22/52 - Eloise

Lachlan – Painting a picture for his Papa in the afternoon light. Can you believe it’s winter?
Eloise – Inspecting the grass again.

23/52 - Lachlan

23/52 - Eloise

Lachlan – The first lime from the tree he planted with his dad.
Eloise – My sweet babe in the soft afternoon light.

24/52 - Lachlan

24/52- Eloise

Lachlan – Dirty knees and cars. A standard visit to the park really.
Eloise – Those eyes.

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More of the 52 series.


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