8, 9 & 10 /52 {the catchup edition}

8/52 - Lachlan

8/52 - Eloise

9/52 - Lachlan

9/52 - Eloise

10/52 - Lachlan

10/52 - Eloise

A photo of my children, once a week, every week in 2014.

Lachlan – He has always loved music and at three and half his favourite band are not The Wiggles but Daft Punk (and he can find the songs he likes on Spotify with astonishing speed).
Eloise – At her happiest, with her brother close by and undoubtedly pulling silly faces.

Lachlan – A morning at the beach and this non-napping preschooler fell asleep at the kitchen bench drawing. My dad gently relocated him to a safer sleep spot.
Eloise – The most delightful baby, really.

Lachlan – Showing off his special bandaids from his 4 year old immunisations. There were tears but nothing a few jelly beans and the promise of a baby chino couldn’t clear up.
Eloise – About 5pm, hungry and tired. Even happy babies have their moments.

Linking up with Jodi.
More of the 52 series.

1 comment
  1. Bandaids and babycinos cure just about everything don’t they?

    Such lovely photos…your babies are beautiful.

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