52/52 - lachlan

52/52 - Eloise

52/52 - Lachie and Ellie

A portrait of my children. Once a week, every week in 2013.

Lachlan :: Morning light on his blonde mop always makes me smile.
Eloise :: Gummy baby smiles, does it get any better?
:: I couldn’t not include the third photo of the two of them together. My fears of sibling jealousy turned out to be so unfounded. Lachie is a gentle and caring big brother, the best we could ask for. He showers Eloise with kisses and funny faces and she responds with the biggest of grins.

This is the last of the portrait series for 2013. The year really has just flown by in a haze of pregnancy and newborn sleepy days. Despite my erratic participation I’m so grateful to have joined in on this project, to be able to look back through photos spanning a year and observe Lachlan as he grows from a toddler to preschooler and then as a big brother. I’m looking forward to taking part again in 2014. Will you be joining in?

My sincere thanks to the lovely Jodi for this project, for her inspiring images and words that provoke reflection in the most positive of ways.

More of the 52 series.

  1. remmus26 said:

    I have an Eloise too! These are beautiful portraits! Hope you continue on in the New Year!!

  2. loopyg said:

    Gorgeousness x

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