Three Become Four

Eloise Grace Gofton
Eloise Grace Gofton | November 6, 2013

This sweet little girl joined us one month ago, turning the three of us into a family of four. Born on a cool November night, her first month of life has swept by in a haze of newborn cuddles, sleepless nights and a whole lot of love.

I’ve been so very absent from this space and from the blogging community in general this year. It’s something I’ve missed dearly but to be honest I have contemplated many times letting it go. Life is busy. Time constraints abound. Yet with the arrival of our baby girl I am reminded just how fleeting these moments of our lives are and even if no-one were to read along (though I am ever thankful that you do!), I want to keep blogging for my own sake, so that whether it be one month or ten years down the track I can look back and remember these times when our family was just beginning; when the days were long but the years were short.

Birth stories are always amongst my favourite blog posts so I am looking forward to sharing Eloise’s with you soon. Take care and have yourself a lovely weekend.

  1. Welcome to the world Eloise!
    Looking forward to catching up with you all again after the holidays!

  2. Cherie Jimenez said:

    I love hearing birth stories Laura and cannot wait to hear yours!! Glad you are back blogging it may well be your sanity in the busy coming days, months and years.. Enjoy this special

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