A portrait of my son. Once a week, every week in 2013.

:: Lego, Lego, Lego. ::

I can be a bit of a mean mum sometimes. I dislike the great majority of kids toys. Most of them are plastic junk that are played with once and then relegated to a cupboard already brimming with previously discarded toys awaiting op-shop donation.

Kids really don’t need many toys. They have these crazy wonderful imaginations instead.

Lego (or Duplo in this case) is one ‘toy’ that never gets packed away. We make towers and car carriers, ice cream shops and zoos. And as much as this 29 week pregnant mumma dislikes picking up all the pieces scattered across the living room floor each evening, I’m thankful for the endless creative play it encourages.

Linking up with Jodi for the 52 Portrait Project.

More of the 52 series.

  1. That is a great photo.
    I love Lego too…only I must admit that I get a bit peeved when I create these amazing structures and then a certain toddler tears them apart…I think we need separate mother and son Lego sets.

  2. melody said:

    This is a great shot! I so desperately want to buy some for my baby boy and am counting down the months till we get to the US to buy some. YAY! 🙂

  3. Momma B said:

    I’m yet to delve into Lego/duplo (all the pieces!! I have a 14m old!) but I almost can’t wait to! Sounds like such fun!!

  4. Nina said:

    Such a good shot! We love Lego in this house too. Anything to build things with.

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