Coming back.

The Monster & Me

Somewhere between selling a house, getting pregnant, growing a baby, parenting a three year old, working from home, searching for the perfect family house and about a million loads of washing, this poor little blog has been sadly neglected. I’ve missed it. The writing, the documenting,and the connections.

I’ve considered simply giving it up. Committing it to the cemetery of abandoned blogs (which I imagine is quite full these days). But I just can’t. I had and still have so many ideas for this speck of space I can call my own. And even if not one person popped by to say hi, I love being able to flick back through time, my thoughts and our lives.

So I’m hoping that you will find me here more often again. And over with you on your blogs, too.

In the interest of catching up on six months of half written (mostly in my head) blog posts some thoughts of late:

– House hunting with an energetic three year old is about as relaxing as attending a ballet concert with a drunk football player: you’re constantly muttering ‘be quiet’ while willing them not to tackle people they don’t know.

– When you work from home it’s helpful if the people you are working for have kids of their own and don’t mind that halfway through a business call an excited preschooler snatches the phone, just for a chat.

– They aren’t kidding when they say second time pregnant bellies pop sooner. When I was pregnant with Lachie I scanned the mirror each morning, willing my stomach to just look even a bit pregnant. This time round I’m thankful if I can still fit the jeans I wore the day before.

– Growing a baby and parenting a preschooler means far less time to stress about the baby and the pregnancy and all the unknowns that go along with them. It also leaves far less time for sleep.

– If a property listing doesn’t show photos of the kitchen or bathrooms, be afraid. And ‘quaint’ is really just real estate talk for ‘tiny’.

– I am absolutely ecstatic about having a baby girl. I’m also totally terrified. Boys, I know. I get. Is parenting a girl really any different? Should it be? Irrationally I’m expecting a sweet quiet child. Not because she is a girl really but because the thought of two crazily energetic kids is more than a little daunting.

– Talking about girls, what is with all the pink? This little girl will be rocking her brothers hand-me down navy stripes never mind that I will have to constantly tell strangers that ‘he’ is in fact a ‘she’.

– Living in a unit we have packed away a third of our ‘stuff’ and really, ninety percent of the time, we don’t ever miss it. After seven months I can hardly remember what is in the two dozen boxes stacked to the ceiling in the spare room. It’s been a testament to how much excess we can accumulate.

What have you been up to lately? Care to share a random thought with me?

  1. Ha ha…I always think that we have another I won’t bother to find out the sex because even if it is a girl she will be wearing all of Toddler C’s old things!
    I hear you about the stuff…our house is full…we cannot fit another thing in the door…and yet I want more…how do you curb the wanting?
    And welcome back!

  2. Nina said:

    Thanks for the update, Laura! I completely agree with you regarding not having any worries about your pregnancy the second time around. There’s literally no time to fuss about every little thing anymore. Sadly the same goes for the older one too; whereas in the past, we could keep a watchful eye over them, nowadays they’re just left to their own devices 🙂

  3. Courtney said:

    Welcome back Laura! I’ve missed your posts! X

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