A portrait of my son. Once a week, every week in 2013.

:: My little explorer, captain of his very own ‘sail boat’. ::

I love to wonder at the goings on inside my boys head. There are always imaginary fish to catch (and eat) and seas to sail and rocket ships to man. Yesterday, the giant park fort underneath the Moreton Bay Figs became his ship as he ran from one end to the other, collecting treasure of sticks and stones and silver coins (bottle tops). To create so much, with so little, is the beauty of the child’s imagination.

Linking up with Jodi for the 52 Portrait Project.

More of the 52 series.

  1. I thought ‘what is going on there?” and read your words and thought, “aaah.” I’d love to be permanently in a little boy’s head. They live life with such gusto and individuality. x

  2. Julie said:

    The this image. I too wonder what is going on inside my little man’s head.

  3. I love that shot.
    I too often wonder what goes on in my little guy’s head…he is not at the swashbuckling stage yet but he is starting to use his imagination and understand pretending.

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