Stills: A weekly collection

The Monster & Me: Bulimba Park

The Monster & Me: Boy & kitchen

The Monster & Me: Native Flowers

The Monster & Me: Boy

The Monster & Me: Avocado toast

The Monster & Me: paint

The Monster & Me: painting

1| The view from our new abode. It’s no surprise then that the most frequently uttered sentence in our house is “mummy, park!”.
2| Our new kitchen offers half the storage space as the last. It makes for a bit of clutter, but I’m starting to like it.
3| These beautiful flourescent yellow flowers are everywhere at the moment. We pick bunches on our morning walks.
4| This boy and his headstands.
5| Bread, avocado, is there a better simple lunch?
6| Watercolours come out in the afternoon.
7| And we paint!

Linking up with the lovely Em at The Beetleshack.

  1. Lisa said:

    your kitchen remind me of our kitchen…beautiful images x

  2. Hi there, the view from your abode is glorious…what an awesome looking park! I have a three year old son, so from the headstands to the painting, I can relate so well…love avo on toast too! Lovely stills, and lovely to find you…Rachael xx

  3. That park looks great! What a wonderful view too!
    Our kitchen is cluttered too…or lived in as I like to say!

  4. Lovely pictures! Makes me want to be a little kid again, jumping around on beds and spending the days painting. Looks like he is having a blast.

  5. You’ve moved into a new place! A belated congratulations from me. Love your new view, it’s gorgeous.
    Ronnie xo

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