Stills: A weekly collection {The QLD Museum Edition}

The Monster & Me: QLD Museum

The Monster & Me: QLD Museum

The Monster & Me: QLD Museum

1| The QLD Museum, South Bank
2| Big and little, going somewhere
3| Lawn sculptures and rain
4| The whale hall, complete with sounds
5| After I lead us in the completely wrong direction
6| “Look mummy, a PLANE”
7| They know how to do a good ceiling in public buildings like this

This week has been a blur of boxes and packing and moving house. But it is done and only three tiny boxes remain unpacked, hurrah!

Yesterday we absolutely HAD to get out, despite the teaming Brisbane rain. A dinosaur exhibition of sorts is on at the QLD museum, and really what two year old doesn’t love a dinosaur, so off we went, along with every other family of young children stuck for what to do on a very wet Saturday.

To our adult eyes the exhibition was borderline lame*, not that it mattered. The boy was happy to be out, and to be able to touch things without reprimand. Did I mention there was also a ‘dig site’ (sand pit)? Yep, you know where we hung out for a good twenty minutes.

How has your week been?

Linking up with the gorgeous Em.

*This isn’t why there aren’t any photos of said exhibition. Mostly it was because it was too dark. Okay and it was a little bit because a fakey Mc Fakerston dinosaur does not a pretty picture make.

  1. I love the ones you’ve captured of Lachie & his daddy together – so very precious.
    And yes, I wish I had ceilings like that at my place! šŸ™‚
    How is your home hunting going?
    Ronnie xo

  2. Kirsty said:

    The whales swimming through sky are just wonderful! You’ve inspired me to take the kids next time we’re up in Queensland – I’ve been very remiss! I love the effect of the black and white!

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