The Monster & Me: 52 Portrait Series

A portrait of my son. Once a week, every week in 2013.

:: Dancing is an everyday occurrence for him. The style changes from week to week, yet it is always humorous, always entertaining. This move is the first part of a one leg shuffle that never fails to make me smile. The second part involves shaking a crooked leg behind you and wiggling a cute little bum. If I ever manage to capture it in photo, you’ll be seeing it. ::

I loved the idea Jodi shared about linking to a favourite 52 portrait for the week. Pouring over all the gorgeous images it’s hard to decide on one. This image from Lamb & Fox though, might just be it for this week. The light, the curls, the gorgeous linen: sigh.

Linking up with Jodi for the 52 Portrait Project.

More of the 52 series.

  1. janeggg said:

    oh that’s so beautiful xxxx

  2. I love his moves and his pants!
    Glad to see that he is enjoying himself despite all this rain!

  3. Belinda said:

    Great outfit, sweet moves! Belinda x

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