Stills: A weekly collection

The Monster & Me: Playing

The Monster & Me: Baking

The Monster & Me: Yoghurt cake

The Monster & Me: Pool

1| A rare moment of happy solo play.
2| Apple, cinnamon yoghurt cake making inspired by Mother Down Under. I used this recipe though as I didn’t have a small yoghurt tub at hand.
3| The finished product.
4| Contemplating an afternoon swim, little shadow in tow.
5| Carrot sticks!

Linking up with the gorgeous Em.

More weekly stills.

  1. oh boy your pool is amazing! i live in the midlands in wet and cold UK and these pictures make me a rather envious shade of green! lovely pictures, great to send you some love from the flight platform this week xxxx

  2. elflyn said:

    It looks like a wonderful week!
    The cake is making my mouth water. I think I best go bake something.

  3. Yes, gorgeous pool. Also, I LOVE those leggings in the first shot. So cute.
    I hope the packing is going well, and that you guys find a place soon.
    How are you feeling?
    Ronnie xo

    • Laura said:

      They are great leggings aren’t they? They’re bonds from last year, I think I saw a similar pair recently at Big W.

      We have found an apartment so should be moving on Wednesday. Feeling okay, just wanting to get through it, you know how it is. Doesn’t help that I tripped down steps carrying a coffee table yesterday and have pulled my quad muscle! lol I am SO accident prone.

      Fingers crossed I get through the rest of the week without another such accident!

      x Laura

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