Why being on the outer makes me smile

The Monster & Me: Father & Son
The Monster & Me: Father & Son

“No mummy!” he says, palm outstretched to me in a sign of “do not interrupt”. He implores his dad “keep me safe”, from me that is. They laugh at their in-joke. A joke that doesn’t involve me. I watch from the sidelines, un-offended at my son’s rejection, my husband’s lack of inclusion. They continue with their games: pinching and play boxing, imaginary tigers and toddler acrobatics complete with “look no-hands” supermans and jumping off high things. Sometimes I try to join in. But I’m an obvious imposter into their little world of make-believe and tough guy antics: I squeal too loud when pinched, and don’t understand the rules of how to feed the hungry tiger.

Their relationship is a special one. It is full of fun and antics and teaching and respect. So when Lachlan’s palm goes up to me and I’m smilingly told to “go away”, I don’t mind. In fact it makes me immeasurable happy, this precious bond between my husband and our son.

  1. That is so sweet.

    Toddler C and Daddy R definitely have their moments…playing hide and seek is a game for just the two of them…but I don’t think they have reached that point yet.
    Toddler C is still in a lovely mommy phase…and while the holding of the knees can get a bit old I love that he finds comfort in being near me…make that as close as he possibly can be to me!

  2. Nina said:

    I’m with you, Laura. After being so attached and my kiddo being all about mama mama mama I like seeing him develop a close bond with his dad.

  3. Oh Laura, our boys have the exact same relationship with Rick! It is truly special to witness. There is just something about father and son. It is utterly precious…
    Ronnie xo

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