In the early morning light

The Monster & Me: Light
The Monster & Me: Light The Monster & Me: Light
The Monster & Me: Light

Days here begin in the early morning light. Little feet pitter patter up stairs as Lachlan silently climbs into our bed, curling his body to mine. Soon after, I am urged to “get-up, mummy”. And so I do, often bleary-eyed, often silently cursing my late-to-bed ways. I’m not a natural early-riser, it’s not inbuilt in me to wake with the sun. Yet, over the last few child-induced years of early mornings, I’ve come to enjoy the pre-six starts.

The eastern sun streams through our high windows, filling the house with warm flecks of light, waking our blinking eyes to the day. And the hours that follow are calm and (mostly) quiet. We eat poached eggs, I sip coffee. Chores are satisfyingly ticked off before the day has really even begun. And slowly the warm morning sky fades to blue and the day begins in earnest.

Are you an early-riser? Do you have a favourite time of day?

  1. I actually love the morning…especially when I have it to myself and I can sip my coffee quietly and read the newspaper or flip through a magazine.
    I must admit I am not always thrilled when I hear the “Mommy, Mommy” coming through the baby monitor…but like you said, once I am up and I see that gorgeous smile I am generally happy to start my day!

    • Laura said:

      Oh I don’t remember the last time I was up before The Monster! I tend to use him as my alarm, lol.

      Sipping coffee and reading the paper in quiet is such bliss though.
      x Laura

  2. Laura, I wanted this post to be a whole book. I love your voice, it’s so warm, sincere and familiar:):)

    I’m still getting used to early starts 2.5+ years on and wonder when will I learn that going to bed early is actually a good idea?!

    It’s crazy to think that our toddlers won’t be sneaking into our beds forever and it will be us begging them out of bed.

    L is an amazing little man and you are
    an amazing mumma. Don’t you forget it!

    • Laura said:

      Thanks for your lovely words Mindi. I so agree about the going to bed early part. It’s hard though as you kind of just want to relish ‘alone’ time once the littles are in bed.

      And crazy to think of those days ahead when we will literally be dragging them from bed in the morning!
      x Laura

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