Four Years

The Monster & Me: Wedding photo

Four years ago today I walked through a sandstone garden path to the man I would marry. To the rest of my life.

And there is no-one in the world I’d rather share this life’s adventure with. No-one I’d rather talk things to death with. Or celebrate our child with. No-one I’d rather argue with. Or have press my buttons in the most exasperatingly annoying way. No-one I’d rather be there for through the ups and downs. Or have pick me up off the ground. No-one I’d rather have make me laugh until I choke. Or laugh at me when I trip. There is no-one I’d rather.

And so while I look back at the last four years with a heart full of happiness, I’m know the coming years hold just as much promise because there is no-one I’d rather have by my side.

My darling husband, thank you for four years full of wonderful life*.

*and for putting up with my odd bit of cray-zay.

  1. Nat said:

    Congrats on your 4 yrs Hun… And again beautifully written… I only heard the quote the other day I’d rather argue with you then make love to anyone else…

  2. Deanna said:

    Beautiful laura! So lovely to read xx

  3. Happy anniversary!
    It is amazing when you find someone who loves your odd bit of crazy!

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