Finding the words

The Monster & Me: Sunrise over sea

This year has gotten off to a sombre start and what I had planned on being a brief break over Christmas has turned into a few weeks as I’ve struggled to find the words to start again.

A family friend and a wonderful man was killed two days before Christmas. And so along with the feelings of loss (especially for his beautiful family), the fragility of life has been weighing heavy on my heart. But Chris was a man who loved life and lived it with a passion that saw him, along with his wife, not only achieve their dream of creating an environmentally sustainable community but also be the absolute very best father, husband and friend.

And so, despite the overwhelming sadness at the world losing such a formidable force for good, I feel blessed to have known such a wonderful person and inspired to live life with a love of people and the environment in all that I do.

To you, I wish you a 2013 abundant in love and rich with life. And if I can leave you with one thought for the year can it be Chris’ wish that we…

Do what you can to live sustainably and others will follow.

  1. Millie said:

    So sorry to hear of the death of your friend, Laura. I did hear about that accident and thought what a horrible tragedy just before Christmas. I love your words about feeling blessed to have known him. Take care xx

    • Laura said:

      Thanks Millie. x

  2. Madeline said:

    Oh what sad news. My husband did some work for the eco village back in 2003/4 and remembers Chris well. My condolences.

    • Laura said:

      Thank you Madeline. Chris’ passing has had such an impact on so many people, especially within the Currumbin valley.
      x Laura

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