Stills: A weekly collection

The Monster & Me | Lisianthus flowers

The Monster & Me | Brisbane photo

The Monster & Me | Toddler Lachie in B & W

The Monster & Me | Picnic dinner

The Monster & Me | Frangipani and hand

The Monster & Me | Toddler Lachie on the swing

The Monster & Me | Fresh produce

1. Lisianthus, More flowers on my table.
2. Walking to our local park for a sundown picnic.
3. Lachie at his day care Christmas party, literally stuffing his face with sugary treats (he was soon redirected toward the fruit and cheese).
4. Summer picnic dinner – salad and smoked salmon.
5. Frangipani’s collected from a footpath.
6. Swing daredevil, happiest when he is borderline terrified.
7. Fresh produce from a newly discovered farmers market which was both good value and fantastic quality – WIN.

Linking up with the lovely Em at The Beetle Shack.

More weekly stills.

  1. brenda said:

    visiting from Em’s – what a delightful little place you have here! love love love all those shots! The freshness of the flowers and produce and kids doing what they do best…being cheeky and having fun! Have a great week x

  2. G said:

    Lovely collection of pictures here – love the blooms and the swing shot especially! so glad i stopped by here, you’ve got a lovely space xx

  3. Za said:

    Beautiful pictures. Love summer picnics!

  4. Hanna said:

    Ohhhh…….these photos are gorgeous!!! So glad to have found you!

  5. We have frangipani’s from the footpath floating in bowls here also.

  6. Nina said:

    Gorgeous photos, Laura. Especially love the farmers market finds!

  7. Love those flowers – and those frangipanis!!!
    Ronnie xo

  8. Claire said:

    Love the photos- especially the daycare party photo- don’t they just seem to gravitate towards the sweets, much to our dismay!

  9. man, you are KILLING me with that smoked salmon! I want it!!

    xo em

  10. Just beautiful! Love how little people stuff food into their wee little mouths. Gorgeous images. Hope your Tuesday is wonderful 🙂 x

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