Stills: A weekly collection

The Monster and Me: South Bank Brisbane photo

The Monster and Me | South Bank Brisbane photo

The Monster and Me: Father and son photo

The Monster and Me: Fruit bowl photo

The Monster and Me: toddler jumping castle photo

The Monster & Me | Santa Brisbane Photo

1. Another Saturday morning at South Bank.
2. The closest thing we have to a beach Brisbane.
3. These two, always playing, always laughing.
4. Bananas in need of being made into something delicious and baked.
5. On the hottest day of the year the jumping castle was allowed inside (in the amazingly comfortable 24 Celsius aircon).
6. Visiting the Myer window displays in the city.

Linking up with Em at The Beetleshack.

  1. Oh my, that first photo Laura!!! Just breathtaking.
    Also, love that you brought the jumping castle into the house… was that the recent sweltering hot day!?
    Ronnie xo

    • Laura said:

      Thanks Ronnie. And yes, it was Tuesday last week, 38 degrees here. Apart from going to Lachie’s swimming lesson we hid out in the aircon inside all day. It felt a bit naughty to run it for so long but I think it was worth it!

      Was it super hot in Sydney as well?
      x Laura

  2. Wow, Southbank looks so amazing with that lush purple flower your image has given that tunnel suc perspective – I feel like I’m there! x

    • Laura said:

      It really is a beautiful walk along there. x Laura

  3. I too, love the first photo with the bougainvillea!

  4. Leanne said:

    A lovely collection of photos from your week, I love the first- what a beautiful place & so nicely captured.

    • Laura said:

      Hi Leanne, thanks for popping by. South Bank is really quite lovely and so much going on all the time! x Laura

  5. Lovely photos of Southbank!
    Whenever I am there I find myself snapping too many photos of the bougainvillea…it is just so beautiful.

    Hope you are enjoying some banana bread!

    • Laura said:

      Yes! Me too. We lived in South Bank for three years but I don’t think I ever noticed quite how lovely it was then. x Laura

  6. Claire said:

    I love that bougainvillea walk in South Bank- it’s so refreshing against all that concrete. Great idea with the jumping castle too!

    • Laura said:

      Yes, and having the Streets Beach there helps too.

      The jumping castle inside was a definite hit. I was kind of glad that we hadn’t filled that empty space with furniture!
      x Laura

  7. Nina said:

    Wow can I just say that you guys have an amazing house? Gorgeous, and beautiful photos as usual, Laura.

    • Laura said:

      Thank you Nina. We’re actually trying to sell it at the moment and everytime we show buyers through I get sad at the thought of leaving its loveliness.

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