Favourite Five: Christmas Wishlist

My Christmas wishlist this year. What’s on yours?

Favourite Five Gift Ideas: Christmas Wishlist

1. In Queensland you can never have too many hats. Especially lovely (wide-brim) ones like this Panama hat from Down That Little Lane.
2. This fruity, fun skirt from Gorman would make the perfect light cotton Christmas day outfit. I may not ever take it off again after that, I like it so much.
3. Aesop body balm. It’s self explanatory really.
4. This lovely print from Blacklist Studio Prints would add some much needed interest to many of our blank white walls.
5. A happy, big, carry-all Harvest Textiles tote perfect for dragging along nappies, water bottles and a collection of matchbox cars that always find their way into my bag. I can see my keys getting lost in the ether of this bag. A lot. But I don’t mind.

You can find more gift ideas and Favourite Five collections here. Favourite Five collections are not sponsored in any way, they are simply things I have spotted and hearted and thought you might too.

  1. jody said:

    Gogeous! love this wishlist! xo

  2. Excellent wish list!

    I love that tote!
    I recently retired by diaper bag.
    After 18 months of lugging that thing around Brisbane and around the world I just couldn’t stand it anymore.
    Now I have a tote similar to that one and while it is a lot less organised than my diaper bag I am so much happier with it!

    • Laura said:

      Oh I need a new carry-all tote/ nappy bag desperately. Mine is still from Uni days of lugging books around campus. I never got a dedicated nappy bag as I never really saw the need… although it would probably eliminate all that frantically searching the bottom of your bag for car keys/ hand sanitizer/ nappy wipes etc! x Laura

  3. Oh and I also meant to ask how to do you those sort of collages?
    Is there a website where you can create them?

    • Laura said:

      I make them on Adobe InDesign program which is part of the Creative Suite (I have CS4 but I think they may be up to CS6 now). Hope that helps. x Laura

  4. Nice list! The hat is on mine too. So important to have a hat here in Australia!
    Christmas in Summer, I am so excited.

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