Guest Post: Food is fun (isn’t it?)

Toddler food photo pear

I’m just a little excited. My very first guest post has gone up over at a lovely friend’s blog Bad Mumma. Sam has just given birth to gorgeous twin girls (and has a two year old boy as well!) and her blog documents the misadventures of being a mum. It is hilariously honest and a great dose of real-life mothering for those times when you feel like you’re the only one occasionally dropping the parenting ball.

My post is about the challenges of figuring out how to give our children the very best nutritional start to life. You can read it here. I’d love to hear what you think on the subject.

You can also join the Bad Mumma community over on Facebook.

  1. Hi Laura, I tried to leave a comment over at Bad Mumma but I had trouble logging in.

    Anyways, I got all stressed in the beginning when Maksi would refuse to eat my lovingly prepared meals but now I put it out for him and leave it for an hour if he doesn’t eat it by then I just bin it and move on.

    • Laura said:

      Hi Julia, that’s a shame. Thanks for coming back here to comment. 🙂 I think not making a fuss over the not eating is an important strategy. From what I understand children won’t starve themselves, they will eat when they get hungry.

      Is Maksi still fussy or has he gotten over it?

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