Around here…

The Monster and Me: Native Flowers

.. the mornings have been early and the nights far too late. I’m figuring out how working from home fits in with mothering a demanding two year old accustomed to his mammas full attention. It’s challenging but rewarding, even beyond the monetary sense. I can feel my mind flexing and stretching with each day of thinking beyond the realms of managing toddler behaviour and what to cook for dinner. I like it. I feel more grounded, more myself. Certainly more tired but something has to give, right?

There has still been plenty of time for life in-between website writing and business card designing and endless emailing. And I think I’m appreciating it more. From the native flowers bought at the Saturday farmers markets brightening our table with springtime hues, to experimenting with flourless berry muffins, and impromptu riverside picnics.

Life is full. And really quite wonderful.

  1. Nina said:

    GORGEOUS shot of the flowers 🙂

    Glad that your new schedule is working out, however tiring it is. There’s never a moment to spare it seems, but it’s usually nice to be busy or at least have something to do.

  2. Good luck with the schedule, I hope you will find a good routine!

  3. I love the flowers and I am with you on working from home. It is hard work and definitely a juggling act.
    good luck x

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