Life lately, according to Instagram.

instagram photos collage

From left to right, top to bottom: Our weekly movie date, sans child (Bliss!) || A cheeky black cat ready for halloween || Jacarandas in full bloom at New Farm Park || A well-made bed makes me happy || Delicious banana muffins (recipe by Cherie from Raising Master Max) || Kite flying || Lights at Champ, South Bank || Bougainvillea walk, South Bank || Waiting patiently for us to get up || Can castle building || Natives on the kitchen table || Chickpea salad || A cute face || Cuddles || Meeting my friends beautiful twin girls

Are you on Instagram? You’ll find me at @themonsterandme.

    • Laura said:

      Hi Ting, thanks for stopping by, so lovely to have you here. x Laura

  1. Newborn twins – how precious!
    And I love how cute Lachie’s Halloween costume is. Well done, Laura.
    Ronnie xo

  2. Nina said:

    Oh man I can eat up that photo of your little guy wearing a hat—what a looker! And congrats to your friend’s twins 🙂

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