What to do with a flat screen TV box and a restless two year old

Our TV died a few months ago and its replacement arrived in a truly gigantic box. And that box, in all its hugeness, has sat underneath our house ever since. And annoyed me ever since. Even though it was my idea to keep the thing ‘to make something fun for Lachie with it’.

So finally, I did. And much to Troys (and my) surprise, it didn’t suck. So I figure I might as well share it here with you in case you find yourself one afternoon with a restless toddler and a gigantic cardboard box.

You’ll need:
– One large box
– Stanley knife
– An enthusiastic toddler

Flat screen tv box toddler cuby house

Take the large box and cut off the top and bottom sections so you’re left with just four walls.

Then roughly shape it into a square.

Flat screen tv box toddler cuby house

Cut a door and some windows out while your toddler amuses themselves away from the sharp knife. If you’re accident prone like me, be careful not to hold your other hand where you are cutting. That would be bad. Very bad (and totally something I would do).

Flat screen tv box toddler cuby house

Fashion some long cut-off pieces into a roof of some description.

Enjoy the endless cups of imaginary tea your child will serve you in their new abode!

Flat screen tv box toddler cuby house

toddler cubby house cardboard box

Flat screen tv box toddler cuby house

Flat screen tv box toddler cuby house

Pssst. There’s a much better cardboard box cubby house tutorial over at Kidspot here.

  1. dtll said:

    to fab.. i remember as a kid my mums oven coming in one.. being in the UK her oven was like an Arga so she just lifted the lid to form a roof and cut holes and you could fit 3 kids in!!.. BEST memories x

  2. Oh this is lovely and we just got a huge box with some new furniture. I am sure Maksi would love it.

  3. Nina said:

    That is awesome! (And one huge box!). I remember we got a big-ish box and it was instantly a “tunnel.” This one you have though is pretty darn cool, since it’s actually higher than him and feels like a real kid house! Nice 🙂

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