Flowers on my table


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Fresh flowers on our kitchen table bring me immeasurable happiness. It’s not an every week occurrence, but on occasion a Saturday morning visit to the Powerhouse farmers markets will result in beautiful blooms. I’m terrible with flower names or in fact knowing anything other than I love the way they look but it doesn’t matter. They are a pop of brightness, a reminder of the little joys in life. And they make me happy.

Are you a flower person? Is your home regularly brightened with blooms or is it more a birthday/ special occasion occurrence?

  1. I do love flowers!

    They just bring happiness into the home, in an instant.

    Especially these bright blooms, my gosh!

    Beautifully captured.

    I LOVE this space! x

    P.S do you use photoshop/illustrator to create your ‘5 picks’ graphics? I am trying to teach myself to improve on my graphic design abilities, & I seriously admire your flair!


    • Laura said:

      I loved those bright ones. I think they are called Ranunculus? See, I have no idea when it comes to names, or how to grow the things, I just like buying them.

      As for the Favourite Five, I use photoshop to erase the background of the images (sometimes) and then put it all together in Indesign. Honestly I just use trial and error. It’s not the quickest way to learn but I’m not prepared to fork out the money for a course. There are lots of great free online tutorials though if you’re keen. Good luck with it.

      And thank you, it’s so lovely to have you here and I hope to see you back soon. x Laura

  2. Love the way you arranged them in those jars.
    Gorgeous colours too. Fresh blooms really do cosy up a home.
    Ronnie xo

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