Out of the ordinary

Brisbane Riverfire
Image from here.

Sometime in the last few years I lost my spontaneity. It got misplaced in the ether between a natural desire to plan and a new mothers desperate need for control. It’s meant that too often lately I find myself caught up in the day-to-day of life, unable to deviate from plans, viewing each day as a list of to-do’s.

For all my lack of flexibility I married a man full of last-minute plans. Sometimes this causes arguments. And sometimes it helps me stop ticking off tasks long enough to experience the out-of-the-ordinary.

Last night I had plans other than picnicking by the river watching fireworks. And had I refused to deviate from them, we would have missed the spectacular light of Riverfire. Instead, with Lachlan carried on my back, bag brimming with food, we walked the three kilometres to the banks of the Brisbane river. We watched in awe as the Australian Defence Force helicopters hovered above swirling water, close enough to feel the spray on our faces. We snacked on fruit and sandwiches as super hornets trailed flares through the cloudy night sky. And we waited impatiently for the city to light up with colour. And it did. And it was spectacular. Lachie spent much of the thirty minute display with his head buried in our necks, the noise overwhelming to his sensitive ears. He peeked up just enough times to declare the pink fireworks his favourites and to demand an encore the moment the sky went silent. We walked home in the soft rain, Lachie asleep against my chest in minutes.

And I felt thankful for a night out of the ordinary and for Troy for helping me see it.

  1. Nina said:

    Gorgeous! Love when spontaneous events turn out more amazing than anything you could have planned.

  2. Sigh.

    I could have written this; word for WORD.

    I used to be so spontaneous, & fun!

    Now … I feel like I’m at home Monday to Friday, & hanging for the weekend so I can clean my house & restore its order.

    It sounds so ho hum, I know. But I can’t describe the happiness a clean house gives me.

    I am more fun, I promise.

    But I could do with a little bit o’ my old spontaneity!


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