No time at all

Eighteen years ago a slightly nerdy nine-year old girl with long brown hair found herself at a new school. The first few days she kept her distance, and her mouth shut, uncharacteristically quiet, unusually timid. She longed for her friends left behind in the middle east, a place that had to come to feel more like home than her homeland, Australia. Here, her faintly English accent stood out. Here, her advanced math was unusual. Here, her desert upbringing was odd. She was different. And alone. Until one lunchtime three girls approached her. And with the social ease that only children have, invited her to be their friend, part of their group. And she accepted. Without a moments hesitation.


There are certain pivotal moments in anyone’s life. Moments that forever change the course of things, the fabric of you. That day in the playground changed me because,from that point on, I would always have these girls in my life. Over the years our group of four grew to eight. And now, close to twenty years later, these girls remain constants in my world. Together we have navigated primary and high school, university, boyfriends, break-ups, travel, jobs, babies and marriage. We have celebrated success and consoled in despair. We have history. So much history. I often wonder if we all met today if we would be friends. We’ve grown into vastly different people, with different aspirations, and different values. But none of that matters, because of that shared history. We were there for each others beginnings. And though time and distance now means we no longer live in each others pockets, when life brings us back together it is always as if no time at all has passed. That is the beauty of our friendship: its roots are deep enough to withstand the longest of droughts.


Michelle is one of these girls and it has been almost two years since we were last in the same country. She has been off sailing the world, meeting her future husband, having grand adventures. Tomorrow when we finally see each other, all that time and life that has gone between us, it will fade away. And we will pick up right where we left off, without a moments hesitation.

Do you have friends like that, where time and distance doesn’t seem to matter?

  1. You said it so well! I love you. Thanks for pretty much making me cry at my desk xx

    • Laura said:

      Oh dear! Love you too Sammi. xx

  2. Michelle Hornery said:

    beautiful words Laura. I feel so blessed to have met and had input into your lives when you were all just starting out way back when and to see you are all still so close is very heart warming. Of course all this doesnt just happen, it takes special people to continue these close bonds and you are all such VERY special people!

    • Laura said:

      Thank you Michelle. You were an important part of our beginning, most definitely. Gosh it feels so long ago and yet not really at all… time is strange like that. x

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