Favourite Five: Boys Summer (Nautical)

With summer looking like it will make an early arrival to our sunny part of the world I’ve been on the hunt for some wardrobe staples for The Monster. And I can’t seem to go past a good stripe. The nautical styling looks great on young and old but it seems to wear especially well on little boys (I could be a bit biased though!). Here’s a few of my favourite picks for boys nautical inspired summer clothes.

1. Charcoal Cap – Toshi M

2. Bateau T-shirt – Country Road

3. Surfie Kids Beach Towel – Country Road

4. Checked Summer Short – Purebaby

5. Taupe Tennis Show – Walnut Melbourne

You can find some more collections of Favourite Five here.

  1. Oh, that would make such a handsome little outfit! I’m quite boring with our boys clothes – I’m afraid they are not the most stylish kids around. 🙂
    Ronnie xo

  2. Laura said:

    Ronnie, your boys always looks gorgeous, whatever clothes they have on! I’m just savouring the fact that I can still decide (for the most part) what Lachie wears… it won’t be long until he is calling the shots. x

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