Every night..

…about 7pm, our house is filled with giggles of delight as bath water sploshes on the floor. The witching hours of late afternoon have passed, dinner has been eaten, dishes packed away. It is a time of easy happiness. The Monster watches the bath fill with an anticipation retained since a little babe. Clothes are thrown on the floor, little legs clamber in to warm water and the splashing and laughter begin. Some nights, I think a raincoat would be handy.

Eventually we find some soap. “Mummy, I wash” Lachlan demands, taking the soapy washer from my hand. Washing done, I pull the plug. He packs up his toys, jumping out before the “big noise” as water gurgles down the drain. Teeth are brushed sometimes without incident. Always with lots of cajoling, singing and talk of needing clean teeth to visit the dentist.

In the warm dim light The Monster is dried and dressed. In between the putting on of socks and singlets, pants and shirts, we chat about the day that has been. Or the ones to come. He points out his painting. And spins the globe, pointing out far off places with names he is yet to know.

Teetering on the precipice of over-tiredness we begin sleep-time preparations. Story books thoughtfully selected. A big hug and kiss from daddy. Nightlight on. And we snuggle in the rocking chair for a brief time of peacefulness as the night slides quickly toward sleep.

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  1. Nina said:

    What an awesome description of a great night time ritual! It’s a good reminder to slow down and enjoy the bath; sometimes I end up finishing the bath with little time to play, so that it’s just a means to an end instead of an actual experience in itself. Great reminder!

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