Letter to Lachlan: Twenty Five Months

Dear Lachlan,

You turned twenty-five months while on your first overseas holiday in Bali (more on this soon). Traveling appears to suit you. At least the new experiences part does: meeting new people, seeing new sights, and of course eating new food. The sitting still on a plane for six hours, that bit, certainly does not agree with your energetic ways. But as long as you had space to run, people’s attention to hold and food to munch on, you were happy little traveler. Which is great because mummy and daddy are looking forward to lots more family adventures, to showing you the world.

Your favourite thing to do this month is “help dad fix”. This generally involves selecting a screwdriver and stabbing it in said item requiring repair. It turns out flat-screen TV’s don’t take kindly to toddler/screw driver combinations. Thankfully the thing was already destined for spare parts. Beyond fixing, you’re also becoming a great helper. Eager to clean up spilled milk, help pack away toys and even brush mummy’s hair which sometimes means stroking gently and others, being whacked repeatedly with an unforgiving hairbrush. Not that I mind because it is really quite terribly sweet.

Every month your character unfurls a little more. And we see the little person you are and the adult that you will one day be. Your strongest trait, for the time being anyway, is your love of people. Being with those who love you, your friends and sometimes even strangers energises you (like you need any more energy!); it makes you happy. Each and every day, you ask to “call Ma’s” (daddy’s mum) and “see Deedee on ‘puter'” (my mum). Hearing their voices, seeing their faces, lights you up. Being guarded with your affection and attention for people is a concept you don’t yet know. And it is a wonderful thing to behold.

Since graduating from babyhood the ‘firsts’ milestones have slowed. This month, however, marked your very first kiss. At the park one afternoon with friends it was time to say goodbye. Your friend Belle’s Mum, said “give Lachie a kiss goodbye”. Belle wasn’t convinced. You were undeterred, swooping in for the swiftest of pecks. With a prompt wiping of the mouth (I think we’ll have to work on those manners). A sweet, unexpected first that I will be all too happy to remind you of once you reach that infamous ‘girl germs’ phase of life.

It really has been another wonderful month in your life. Yes the tantrums still happen, with less frequency although perhaps greater intensity. But each and every day you grow more into a little boy, filled with thoughts and ideas all your own. And I feel so blessed to witness the transformation, to be a part of it.

I love you more than ever.

xx mum

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