After all the rain we’ve been having a fine weekend presented itself and we couldn’t not get out of the house. I braved the early morning Saturday farmers market solo with The Monster. We scoured the stalls for strawberries, leeks and bananas. A transylvanian cheese pie was our breakfast. It was as tasty and greasy as it sounds.

After picking up Troy we found our way to the South Bank Regional Flavours festival. Music, sunshine and food: a perfect Saturday mix. While it lasted anyway because before long we had a cranky toddler on our hands who wanted neither to walk, be carried, or pushed in a stroller. But instead push the stroller himself into oncoming festival-goers. It was our cue to leave. Probably just as well as there was a ginormous piece of Noosa Chocolate Factory rocky road calling my name.

Sunday, Lachie gifted us a rare 8.45 am sleep in. Bliss. Another sunny day was unfolding so we packed the car and after a quick stop for coffee, head out of the city. I love living in the city but it’s also so nice to get away. To be amongst the bush, the clean air and the quiet. Although Tamborine mountain is only an hour from Brisbane it’s a lush little haven of greenery. We took the long road, bouncing up the dirt bush track behind some locals in their 1963 ex-military four wheel drive, a testament to the build quality of days gone by. After a late lunch at the Mount Tamborine brewery and some grass running to burn off pent-up energy, we headed home, tired and happy.

  1. Claire said:

    Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful weekend Laura! Master L is a huge fan of the ‘push-the-pram-into-oncoming-people’ too and he thinks it’s even more hilarious when there’s a crashing sound after he’s hit something ;-). Love, love, love Tamborine Mountain too.

    • Laura said:

      So glad I’m not the only one with a crazy stroller-pushing toddler! From the looks people were giving us, you’d have thought it was a rare occurrence!

      Tell me, how to you get around now then? If we take the stroller he lasts about 15 minutes before he demands to get out and push the thing, but he is also a bit of a ‘runner’. I have bought an ergo recently but he won’t seem to have a bar of that either. It’s been a bit of dilemma lately!

      • Claire said:

        Yes it sure is a dilemma! If we take the pram he’s generally fine if we’re on the move (ie. walking the dog etc) but if we’re browsing he generally won’t stay in it for long. We’ve discovered it’s easier to spend our time out chasing after him (Master L is a runner like Lachlan too) rather than have the hassle of him trying to push the pram. Oh and he doesn’t like the sling anymore either! So in short, unfortunately I have no answers for you, we’re in the same boat 😉

  2. Wow, those wheelbarrows full of lavender and herbs look amazing! Wish I could’ve been there. Love these photos, Laura.
    Ronnie xo

  3. Nina said:

    I’m loving those wheelbarrows too! What a clever idea. And your kiddo is getting more handsome by the day 🙂

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