This kid.

This kid really is so much fun. His energy, his laugh, his boundless enthusiasm for EVERYTHING. Except cleaning his teeth. He nearly always hates that. Perhaps it’s that we are all sleeping more. Or that he can tell me with increasing accuracy what it is he wants needs. Whatever the reasons, the difficult days seem less intense, less frequent, less exhausting.

Every day I get to know him more. He tells me his thoughts, unhindered. I am his closest confidant. We play silly games. He sings me row, row, row, your boat in his sweet voice. And after his bath asks me to hold him like a baby. We laugh at our own private joke. I know it won’t always be this way. So for now I savor it. I try my best to live in the moment. Appreciate every smile and absorb every cuddle. And be thankful that this wonderful little person chose me as his mum.


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