Talin’s Wish

I only learned of Talin Hawkin’s journey today. Talin, a six year old Sydney boy, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at Easter this year. He passed away in the early hours of this morning.

As I have read about Talin’s journey I have been absolutely humbled by his gentle strength and quiet bravery. His wish to experience all that he could. His family’s determination to fulfill that wish.

Talin’s story has made me incredibly sad. Sad that this beautiful child’s life has been cruelly cut short. Sad for his family who have had to endure what must be an unimaginable pain. But Talin’s story is also one of inspiration. One of love. It reminds us just how incredibly precious life is. And to make the absolute most of it. Every day.

Thank you to Talin and his family for having the strength to share their story. My thoughts are with you today. May your beautiful boy rest in peace.

You can read more about Talin’s Wish here:
Talin’s Wish Facebook Page
Lynne King Cancer Care Foundation (you can donate to Talin’s Wish here)

  1. Amy said:

    So beautiful, Laura. xx

    • Laura said:

      Thank you. I just had to write something. I am so touched by Talin’s story. And so very sad. x

  2. Sally said:

    What a beautiful little boy, it brakes my heart. Ive been thinking about him everyday since I found his story. xxx

  3. Nat said:

    Written beautifully.. I heard about him on the k& j show one morning n have been following his story Iam amazed at his n his families courage… Life can be so cruel… N so beautiful as his story showed.

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