A few moments at Movieworld

I’ve been rather quiet around here of late. The ‘to-do’ list needed desperate attention and as much as I love blogging unfortunately it tends to get pushed toward the bottom of that list. After a few days of being dragged from place to place, as I frantically tried to tick off one more item before day’s end, The Monster needed a break. So yesterday we made the most of our yearly theme park passes and went to Movieworld.

Unfortunately Lachie’s sub 90 centimeter stature excluded him from the fast and dizzying rides he would have so loved. Not that a mere height marker stopped him trying to clamber through the metal bars. The kid gets points for trying. The few rides that he was tall enough for were met with numerous ‘yay’s’ and high fives. And the musical show featuring Marilyn Monroe was apparently so entertaining that he was willing to dodge security guards to get in on the action. I wasn’t so keen on being that parent that had to wrangle their kicking and screaming toddler away from the crowd but it’s not like such an event was a new experience for us.

The tantrum that followed (what was I saying about two-year old being so awesome?) signaled our time to leave making the visit a short one. Regardless it was nice to steal away from the ‘to-do’ list, even if only for a few hours.

  1. alex said:

    d’awww your kid is so cute 🙂 glad he had fun at the theme park! sorry to hear that he threw a tantrum but don’t worry, when he gets older (and taller!) he’d have more than enough time to experience the rides ^o^

  2. Olga Cluer said:

    Hi Laura

    Great photos!

    Haven’t you heard of THE TERRIBLE TWOS???

    Have fun

    luv GG xxxxxxxx

    • Laura said:

      Thanks Granny! And yes, I was hoping we may have bypassed them, but perhaps not. Lachie got his card and birthday money and enjoyed stashing the money away in the piggy bank, thank you! xx

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