The Second

And just like that, our baby boy turned two. At one, the whole birthday concept was beyond him. But at two, The Monster had it all figured out. At least in the days leading up to turning two whenever I asked Lachie what he wanted for his birthday he was adamant that it be ‘CAKE’. And cake he got. Eventually. After we made him open his presents, go to Seaworld and have a family dinner.

Present opening didn’t happen as we had imagined. The jumping castle failed to inspire the ridiculously excited reaction we were expecting but the $2 matchbox cars were an instant favourite. By the afternoon, however, The Monster was racing through the jumping castle and zooming down the slide like a toddler pumped up on too much cake icing. The plan for the day was Seaworld but with fifty kilometer winds and pelting rain the visit was a short one. Despite the brief stay, The Monster still managed to pat a sting ray, touch a star fish, marvel at the aquarium and ride the carousel.

Birthday dinner was postponed a few days which meant Lachlan actually had to wait a bit longer for his cake. But it was worth the wait. Certainly not the baking disaster of last year. The Monster thought it looked so tasty, in fact, he didn’t want to wait for it to be cut up*.

It may not have been the big event that his first was but The Monsters second birthday was equally as fun.

*see the photo’s below.

toddler cars gift


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