Just like that

toddler on a scooter having fun

Where there were wobbles and falls yesterday, there was balance and speed today. From one day to the next The Monster figured out how to scoot. Just like that.

Today I have my baby boy. Tomorrow I will have a two-year old.

Just like that.

  1. Jess said:

    Laura! I’m so amazed by your little monster that u almost cried. You must feel so torn in two! Proud of your son, and how well he is growing; and sad that he isn’t your little baby anymore! Oh, Lachie! You little superstar! X

    • Laura said:

      Aw Jess, thank you, I’m super proud too. Can’t believe just how quickly our boys are growing! xx

  2. What an awesome little guy. I know what you mean, they sometimes seem to just age an entire year over night. I often feel teary at nights just thinking about the boys growing up…
    Ronnie xo

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