Fast Friends

When I was pregnant the thought of a ‘mothers group’ made me inwardly cringe. I had nothing real life to base this off, just too many bad American movies where the women were uptight and competitive, and the children were either perfect or the devil. So when I went along to my first mothers group when Lachie was eight weeks old I was happily surprised to find that everyone else there were trying their best to get through first time motherhood, just like I was.

The absolute best part of making myself go to that first get together was meeting Bec and Oliver. Over almost the last two years we’ve become fast friends. Ollie and Lachie were born less than a week apart and over the weeks, months and years we’ve watched them get to know each other. Sometimes this has involved cuddles and sharing. At other times; pushing, hitting, and hair pulling. Nevertheless there is no doubting their early friendship. To prove his fondness for his friend one of The Monsters first words was “Oh-wee” and when we went to visit yesterday for our weekly playdate the whole five-minute car ride went along the lines of  “car, Oh-wee, yay!”.

And as the boys friendship has grown so to has mine and Bec’s. At each stage, we’ve discussed our parenting challenges, our worries over eating and sleeping and the crazy amount of boundless energy our boys seem to have. I always look forward to our weekly meet-ups, even if sometimes we spend most of the time playing referee between snatching and shrieking toddlers.

Making friends as a child is easy but as an adult it becomes so much harder to find someone you truly ‘click with’. So as much as I am thankful for The Monsters friendship with Ollie, I’m even more grateful for finding a friend in Bec.

So tell me, have you got any friends you’ve had since you were a baby/toddler? And what about now, do you find it easy to make friends as an adult?

  1. Ah! This is Mindi and I! 🙂
    I miss our weekly play dates…

    • lauragofton said:

      Yes, you four seem like fab friends. We’ve been talking about visiting Tassie soon, so we’d love to join you guys for a playdate too. xx

      • Oh, yes!
        That would be fun 🙂

  2. Claire said:

    Thats lovely, Laura!
    Some of my closest friends now are ones I’ve made since having children… It just brings and extra bond and understanding I think.

    • lauragofton said:

      Thanks Claire. I’m so glad to have found all you beautiful BC ladies too, put that is cause for a whole other blog post! thanks for reading along.

      Not long to go now for you! Can’t wait to meet baby number #3! xx

  3. Hey Laura,
    That is such a wonderful thing to have found another mother you click with who has a child at the same stage as Lachie! I joined a mother’s group after Pete was born but sadly because we’ve moved since then, it’s been hard to keep up with the other mums except for on Facebook which isn’t the same.
    I find making friends an easy thing to do – but making friends who go the distance is harder.
    Ronnie xo

    • Laura said:

      That must have been disappointing for you Ronnie!Bec is moving next month but only about 35 minutes away so I know we will still catch up lots. And I’m the same that I find making friends easy but it’s always so much more challenging finding great friends (plus it always takes time!). xx

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