Stolen moments

It’s no secret that night time parenting can often be the most challenging. Be it the bedtime wrangle or the sleep-time battle, being a mum between the hours of five in the afternoon and five in the morning are often the hardest. Despite the chaos, some of the sweetest moments are often stolen in the hours before sleep or in the dead of night.

Every night, after the bath-pj’s-teeth routine, Lachie and I will snuggle in the rocking chair for a story. For a child who is 110 per cent, 99 per cent of the time, it is a rare moment of quiet. And, as often as I’m dreading the pending fight to get him to sleep, I’m equally savoring every second of his closeness; his little fingers pointing out the animals in the story; his lips making ‘mwah’ noises as he kisses each of those animals goodnight; his chubby arms as he wraps them around me and whispers ‘cuddle’; and the immeasurable softness of his cheek as I kiss him goodnight.

Parenting can certainly have its I’ve-had-enough-I-want-to-quit moments but then there are times like these that make any thoughts of giving up seem ludicrous. Because it is all so worth it. Completely.

  1. That is just the most precious photo, Laura.
    I can empathise with those feelings of quitting, I tend to have them in my moments of meltdown…
    You are not alone, and yes, it’s completely worth it.
    Ronnie xo

  2. lauragofton said:

    They look extra cute when asleep don’t they! I can imagine the feelings of being ‘over it’ would be x3 for you, but just as much the feelings of joy. You must really enjoy that moment when they are all asleep and you get to ‘sign off’ for the day (most of the time anyway!)! x

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