Of wind and sun

It’s easy to get caught up in the weekly rhythm of city life while the four wheel drive sits dust-free in the garage. We are fortunate to be surrounded by some beautiful national parks a short(ish) drive from the city. So a few days ago we packed up the car with a modest picnic and headed out in to the crisp autumn day.

With windows down and the cool air whipping our faces, we climbed the mountain range, houses becoming more sparse with every kilometer. Before long I started to smell something foreign. Sniffing, trying to place the scent, I asked Troy if he noticed it. He did. Was it brakes? Oil? No, it wasn’t like that. Maybe it’s just a new car smell (which ours isn’t by the way). And then we figured it out. It was the bush. This strange scent was just the smell of trees, and dust, wind and sun and fresh air. Yeah, we are total city-slickers.

Anyway once we decided that the car wasn’t burning and we just needed to get out of the city a little more, we continued on our way. Picnicking by the waterhole, basking in the winter sun like cool-blooded lizards; bushwalking to the lookout; getting a little lost on dirt roads; and finally finishing up with the best $1 scones, jam and cream we ever did have (if you’re ever in Woodford go to the bakery!).

It was amazing to see the influence of the bush on Lachie. Viewing the world with his toddler eyes, everything was fascinating, from the tiniest of flowers to the imaginary fish in the waterhole: all perceived with contagious wonderment. Most days at home, despite my best efforts at entertainment, are scattered with tears and meltdowns. In the bush, the Monster was totally occupies. Happy. And when he is happy, so are we. In fact he was so content he didn’t really want to leave (see the video at the end!).

If you live in a city do you try to get away much? Have you noticed how it affects your child/ren?

  1. We love getting away and driving into the bush. It’s so refreshing after a long week of work and routines.
    The boys love it.
    Ronnie xo

    • lauragofton said:

      Thanks Ronnie. And yes it’s lovely to see how they connect with nature. And even just for myself, it feels ‘cleansing’ in a way. xx laura

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