10 Things I love about being a mum. (Happy Mothers Day)

1. The biggest and cuddliest of bear hugs, when the Monster wraps his little arms around my neck like an over-sized, wriggly koala.

2. Hearing the words ‘mum, mummy, mum-ma’. After being called ‘dad’ for six months I can’t think of a sweeter sound than the Monsters voice ‘mum, mum, mum-ing’ around the house (ask me again next year and I may have changed my tune).

3. Getting to be a kid again. Making drip sandcastles, playing chase-y, blowing bubbles, popping bubbles, and being amazed at the most inconsequential of things.

4. Kissing the Monsters ridiculously soft, chubby cheeks.

5. Holding Lachie in the quiet of the night as he sleeps in my arms, a rare moment of peace savoured.

6. Witnessing this little person grow and learn, his experience of the world expanding at the most rapid of rates.

7. The laughter (even the laughter through tears).

8. The bad days. Because they make me appreciate the good ones.

9. Teaching the monster about the world and learning so many lessons in love and patience in return.

10. The heart-bursting love. Always.

Wishing all the mummas out there a beautiful mothers day, especially mine. I love you mum. xx

Tell me, what things do you love about being a mum?

(Image from here)

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! I love that yesterday, I was about to cry just looking at how friggin’ adorable my toddler is. I can only imagine that feeling comes from being a mom.

    • lauragofton said:

      Thank you! And I love your comment… and so very true. Love for your child really does feel boundless (just like a toddlers energy!).

      It’s not mothers day in the states is it? If it is, I hope you have a beautiful day. x

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